Odgovor Po jun 10, 2019 09:24

Big steps for Norway National Federation

IFBB Norway has attended the International Conference “Athletes, Sports, Sponsors, and Broadcasters – A Cooperation for clean and ethical sport” held by FairSport, World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) and the Anti-Doping Agency of Norway.
The main topic was to discuss how athletes, sports, sponsors, and broadcasters can work more closely together to ensure more accountability for clean and ethical sport.

– “The world of sport has massive challenges ahead with reclaiming ethical and moral leadership. We need to ensure that sport is an arena where kids can play, adopt strong values and teach important life skills”, says Johann Olav Koss – former Olympian and Chair of FairSport.

Here is a link to the speakers of the conference.

https://antidoping.no/english/news-and- ... ges-ahead/
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