Odgovor Če nov 30, 2017 08:49

Lifting weights takes sort of a precedence over cardio

Weight training elevates your metabolism for up to 48 hours.. meaning that not only you’re burning calories while lifting, but also for hours and hours afterwards.
Lifting weights takes sort of a precedence over cardio, since cardio tend to only burn calories while it’s being performed. That’s assuming when the cardio is low to moderate intensity, because it is also suggested that very high intensity cardio may cause the same prolonged raised metabolic effect.
The truth is th
at a lot of people, especially women, do aerobic exercises their entire life without getting any significant results. Cardio is better than nothing, but it doesn’t help you too much either. If you want real and long term results, focus on weight training first.
What you eat can make or break your progress.

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