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Supplementing with Yamamoto® Nutrition CHNOS-MIMETIC

We all know one or two lucky bastards that no matter how they eat or train, they get better and better with full rounded muscle and low body fat levels.
Almost every calorie they eat goes straight to their muscles. If, for some reason, they feel the need to diet, every calorie burned comes from fat and not muscle.
You? Ha! When you eat for mass, you gain 3 kg of fat 2 kg of water and half of kilo of muscle. And when you cut calories, first thing you lose is a 3 kg of muscle
and no fat.
• The difference between you (and me) and them is largely genetic. Testosterone levels and sensitivity play a role, as do cortisol levels. The gifted folks also have superior thyroids and nervous systems.
• Another hugely significant advantage possessed by the ‘lucky ones’, has to do with how well they partition nutrients, which, luckily, is a gift you can acquire too.
• Nutrient partitioning is the process by which the body decides where the nutrients go after you ingest them..
• Efficient nutrient partitioning has lots of fathers, among them an unexplained coordination between the gut, liver, brain, central nervous system and muscles, most likely coordinated by hormones and certain secondary chemical messengers.
• Supplementing with Yamamoto® Nutrition CHNOS-MIMETIC®
profoundly increases the insulin sensitivity of muscle cells while decreasing the insulin sensitivity of fat cells.
• That means the glucose uptake in muscle cells increases, and glucose, nutrients, and BCAA's are partitioned into these same muscle cells while fat storage in general is hindered and fatty acid oxidation is increased.
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